IAC DM 2017 Budapest – Farewell on the Board, goodbye Budapest, goodbye Hungary


Dear Ambassador Friends,

The international meeting of ambassadors has come to an end, and we have to say goodbye to each other.
We are happy to meet you, it was an uplifting feeling that we could have seen you in Hungary, it was an honor to be a host.

We are really sorry that the time so soon has gone and you have travelled home. We sincerely hope that everybody felt good, everybody arrived home with pleasant experiences.

Thank you very much for being with us and we hope we will see each other soon!

Goodbye Dear Ambassador Friends!

Welcome Dinner in Márványmenyasszony Restaurant

This pub was founded by vinedresser of merit József Böhm from Buda, who welcomed his daughter’s wedding party as the first guests to enter the gates. The wedding feast lasted several days. When, after some days, the guests accompanied the young couple to the carriage in the street, the small young wife wearing a lace dress with white tulle fainted at the door of the house; the white-lipped and pale-faced woman was taken by her husband onto his lap. She seemed to be lifeless. Someone started speaking from the standing, loafing crowd: Look! The bride has turned to marble! (“Marble” is “márvány” in Hungarian.) As a result of this scene, the name of the pub came into general use.